Episode 29 - Demonic Pasta Parcel

On this weeks episode I am joined by my dear friend Rachael Nisbet. Rachel is one of the true leading voices on Giallo and Italian genre cinema and looks at the films from a fashion/architectural eye. Watching her career in writing through to podcasting and into the blu-ray release market providing commentaries and essays has been nothing short of a treat. Her Podcast, Fragements of Fear, also looks at some of the lesser celebrated Gialli with her co-host Peter Jilmstad. If you have bought a Giallo from Arrow or Vinegar Syndrome recently then the chances of Rachel providing some content is very high! 

Please enjoy our chat and maybe be a little patient as this is the first real time we've talked during our friendship so we go a little all over the place BUT you get a snapshot Morrissey impression from yours truly. 



Film - Demons 2 (Dèmoni 2)

Intro Music - Iron Sequel Theme

Outro Music - Entombed - Demon 

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